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April has gone,but we are still busy for the huge order,mass production are under way.Let's share the summary together.

There were huge amount of sales on the below three types of LED lights in the past month.Why?They have their different advantage.

As by the upgrading products,we worked out this problem: Lower cost with best quality,the price went down quickly.Welcome to inquiry the price.


This design is rare, but if customer accept the design, they ask more.Especially G24 base, it’s very hot sale in some Western Europe countries.
C.360 beam angle R7S
I have to say, this product is absolutely a big success for our factory.We put many efforts on creating and updating, and now, it is the most competitive 360 R7S.We got 5000pcs as trial order,that means  there will be great demand in the market.
The competition of LED market is getting more and more sever, if we want to survive, either our product is very competitive, or by creating more new led products.
And we can serve you on both. We are very supportive to trail orders for testing market first.